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Camp Pendleton Homecoming | Custance Family | Marine Corps

As a Marine spouse, there is something so meaningful in photographing a homecoming. No one outside of the military community can truly understand that relief, joy, and sheer emotion of having your partner return from either a combat zone, or simply from an extended absence, which is all too common in the military lifestyle.

When I first met Jessica, she was extremely excited to shoot her homecoming. I knew this was going to be special because due to the fact that her husband is in the Marine Corps Reserves, she was traveling from Texas to greet him. We chatted about her special day and decided to make it truly a story of this day–starting at sunrise with a photo session with just her and ending the afternoon with couples photos on that same beach.

When I arrived, Jessica was finishing up her sign, she had made several!


We waited for the fog to clear a bit at Del Mar Beach in front of the Del Mar Beach Resort aboard Camp Pendleton and finally were able to step outside to get some photos of the beautiful Jessica.


Heading to the homecoming sight, we waited anxiously as inevitable homecoming delays occurred until finally, FINALLY her husband was home!


We ended our session by capturing a few photos of the reunited couple on the beach. After that, they were able to spend some time together relaxing before heading home to Texas. Welcome home!


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